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Established in Sep. 1998, our firm has been specialized in international import/export freight transportation. We are so called international freight forwarder. I started our company with a motto of Based on the capability and efforts of each individual, create happy and bright company atmos- -phere within the boundary of faith and trust among the employees.

Our goal is to supply the best logistical service both in name and reality provided by a few good employees instead of focusing on external growth. In order to accomplish this with the strong faith that the best service is provided by the best people, I can proudly say that we have the best manpower in this field. Therefore I daringly try to measure heavily on employee satisfaction management rather than customer satisfaction management.

Our company's ultimate goal is to provide true logistic competitiveness to the customers. Besides traditional price differentiation strategy and product's quality differentiation strategy, current enterprise value environ- -ment is in new dimensional logistics competitive advantage.
In order to adapt creatively to such a change, we decide to build a new paradigm to realize that Positive win-win situation as a new motto will be accomplished according to the following paradigm ;

Staff satisfaction management → Employees self-value innovation → Tailored service to customers→Secure logistics competitive advantage for customers → Customers value realization. This, by forming the frame for creative new thinking will be the foundation for information, knowledge and specialization-oriented business as society requires in 21 C.

I am sure that this paradigm is pre-requisite condition of so called digital period for information sharing, knowledge management, global marketing, new business technology, customer satisfaction, customer impression, close to customer management, faith management, brand marketing.

Dear customers,
The managers and staffs of this firm promise to advance forward with everlasting effort to accomplish simultaneous value realization with the customers. We also believe through this we will be fulfilling one of the responsibilities to contribute to the society as a company.
I truly appreciate your continuous support and wish you and your company to prosper continually.

Thank you


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